Step 2. Go Digital

listing presentation prospecting Sep 07, 2021

Watch all 5 Steps here: 5-Steps to Improve your Listing Presentation 👉🏼

We are in a modern + digital world. We now expect our information to be real, relevant, and easy to access.

Gone are the days of rummaging through pages and pages of paper trying to understand the message or story that is being portrayed.

People want to hop online, type in their questions to a search engine and have the answer they require in milli-seconds.

For your listing presentation to be effective in today’s world, it needs to be well presented, well informed, easily understood, and … well digital.

There are a considerable number of digital solutions which now offer real estate agents Listing Presentation platforms. In general, these platforms focus their priority on ease of use for both document creators and the recipient of the Listing Presentations.

I personally use a platform called PandaDoc. 


The 3 key reasons I moved to a digital listing presentation tool back in 2019 are as follows.

In 2019 I made the move to digital listing presentations for 3 key reasons

  1. The document allowed me to include clickable links. This meant when sharing the relevant comparative market analysis data with my potential seller, it became easier for me to help them understand where the potential sale price of their property could fall, and how to effectively hit the market to ensure an effective and successful sale through the sharing of easy and clickable links.

Therefore, instead of the potential seller having to rummage through reams of paper of printed competing + comparable property sale brochures– the potential seller could simply click a link that would take them to the full online marketing for those properties.

This also offered me the ease and convenience, when sitting with my potential sellers at the face-to-face listing presentation with the support of a laptop or tablet, to simply click through all the photos and marketing assets of comparable + competing properties; this process is very effective in educating and informing the potential seller on the marketplace + its activity.

  1. A digital listing presentation allowed me to embed video presentations.

I am a massive fan of the use of video as a sales tool in today’s marketplace.

In my listing presentation, I have 3 videos included, each video is about 1:30 seconds long. The first video, I thank the potential seller for the opportunity to give a listing presentation on their property and I introduce myself. In the second video – I explain why looking at comparable market evidence is so important when considering the best marketing price for a property, finally, in the 3rd video, I explain the importance of property marketing and its expected results.

I also include 2 of my most recent 2-minute-property-sales-videos. A 2-minute-property-sales-videos is a very powerful sales tool. This video is simply a 2-minute video of me selling a particular listing I have on the market. 2-minute-property-sales-videos are organized through most professional property photography companies today.

In these videos, the agent speaks camera facing for 10-20 seconds in the beginning and again for about the same at the end of the video; the rest of the video is a voice-over of the agent speaking 3-5 major sales points about the property and videographer aligning the imagery with the voiceover.

The final 2-minute videos are immensely powerful for selling the property, as well as highlighting to the potential sellers in the marketplace, the real estate agents excellent sales communication.

I am a big fan of including 1 or 2 of these types of videos from my recently successfully sold properties into my listing presentation for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it demonstrates to my potential seller that I have modern + effective marketing skills.

Secondly. It shows how effective my sales communication is.

Platforms such as PandaDoc make embedding video into the digital presentation super easy!

I have linked below a FREE webinar on the power of using video as a sales tool – click the link to register to attend the webinar.


  1. The third and I suggest the most powerful reason I made the move to digital listing presentations is this…

The platform I use; PandaDoc; has an inbuilt service in which I receive an email whenever a potential seller opens a digital document, I have sent them.

I want you to pause for a moment and consider how powerful this feature is to your real estate sales success …

Every time a potential seller clicks into your listing presentation you get notified.

What an awesome tell-tale sign to gauge a potential seller’s interest in you as their real estate agent!!!

Or even better, consider this common occurring situation of attending a listing presentation appointment with a potential seller in your marketplace, the meeting comes to an end …and… you walk away…. empty-handed.

The potential seller tells you, ‘oh I’m not ready to list right now, I just wanted to see where the market is at or some other mediocre non-committed excuse.

Can you imagine how powerful it is to your real estate sales success to receive an email 1-month later, 3-months later, or even 12-months later from PandaDoc to notify you Mr. Potential Seller has opened your Listing Presentation 3 times today!

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out how important such a tool is to your success in real estate sales.