5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents NEED to Show-Up!

appraisals that list & sell listing presentation Oct 03, 2020

Before you read this post, I suggest you watch my video on making sure you’re in the RIGHT marketplace. You can find it here!


You need to mentally and energetically lean into the fact that this is YOUR area.

This is where you DO BUSINESS. Know each of the streets in your area, the homes on each street, the businesses and schools that are located in your area. Show up each day, take time to survey your area, know your area, understand WHY people buy into it and WHY people sell out of it.


Your potential sellers, plus the local community, plus the local business community SHOULD KNOW AND RECOGNISE YOUR FACE.

They should see you about the locality often. Spend money in the local shops in your area. Buy your petrol in the petrol station in your area. Have coffee in the local café in your area. Sponsor the local sports team. Sponsor events at the local school.

WHY SHOULD YOU DO THIS? Well, because you want to become part of your area’s local community. You want the local store owners to tell their regular clients about you. You want the parents of the local football team to come to you with their property needs. You want the school mums to talk to each other about you as a solution for their property needs and aspirations. You should also know the local politicians for the area and their work in the community. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM THIS COMMUNITY – SO BE A PART OF IT AND ENGAGE WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ULTIMATELY PAY YOUR BILLS


When you show up in your local marketplace each and every day your eyes will become sharpened to opportunity.

You will NOTICE change in your local marketplace at just the right time; just as it is happening! This will position you to take advantage of the potential opportunity your marketplace offers. For example, if you notice renovations on a property ask yourself, are the owners considering going to market? Are they prepping the property so they can achieve the best possible price? If you notice demolition happening, ask yourself, is there a developer building a single property or a group of properties? New amenities, new infrastructure, new zoning … all these changes in your local marketplace open conversations. What do the local people think? How does it affect the value of their property?

When you show up each and every day you become a familiar and trusted face in your local marketplace. Potential sellers and buyers WILL COME TO YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE ON HOW ANY CHANGES AFFECT THEIR PROPERTY AND ITS POTENTIAL. You will build a pipeline of consistent and incoming business if you position yourself as a trusted advisor within the local marketplace.


Showing up each and every day in your local marketplace keeps your fingers on the pulse of who else is doing business in your area.

Watching. Listening. Understanding.

Watch which other agents are winning listings in your area, who else has Sale Boards up in your territory? Watch to see how these agents conduct their business and how long it takes for them to sell their properties.

Listen to what your local community is saying about the competing agents.

Understand why you may have lost a listing opportunity to the competing agent.

Remember there is always enough business for everyone! However, positioning yourself as the local property market expert and leading local agent, affords you the opportunity of consistent and incoming business as opposed to going to battle for every listing in the marketplace. Your energy is better spent this way than fuelling your own personal war with a competing agent.

Be aware of what your competition is doing, however, do not fixate on it.


You need to position yourself as the local property market expert and leading local agent if you are to have a consistent flow of incoming listing opportunities AND if you are to build a fulfilling, financially abundant, successful career in real estate!


No matter how good you are at the business of sales, we all know, everyone has off days!

We as salespeople all have days in which we question the meaning of life, when we ask ourselves if all the BS is even F*ing worth it. You know what I am talking about. Those really tough days, when maybe you lost a deal, you missed a listing opportunity, you didn’t make your target, your sales manager tore a strip off you. Maybe your client is blaming you for their own bad choices. I know writing this each one of us has had these days, and here is the truth, there will be more of these days.

The inherent resilience of salespeople means we always get back up, we can bounce back, we will win again and again and again, because that is what makes us so special!

However, let us return to the not so great day I was just detailing. Here is a little trick I have being using for over 20 years when I have those days.

I hop in my car, I get a drive-through of my favorite coffee, I pick up my favorite chocolate bar and I just cruise in my car. I drive to my area. I diligently go to my area, especially on those days, I just drive around it, I look at it, I give myself a pep talk. I listen to some chill music and cruise about in my car, driving around my area, chilling, drinking my almond milk latte, eating my Greens & Black dark chocolate bar, cruising about, looking about and I don’t leave my area until I find an opportunity. Whether it be something I see that motivates me to take positive action for my business in that day or while I’m relaxed looking about the place an opportunity comes to mind and that prompts me to take positive action.

SO WHY? WHY DO I DO THIS? Well firstly I am in a bad humor because something hasn’t gone my way, so rather than sulking or fuming, I treat myself to my favorite coffee and favorite chocolate bar! I drive because it focuses my mind rather than allowing myself to dwell on any negativity I have encountered that day. And I go to my area to look for opportunity because looking for opportunity is a positive mindset and I AM A SALESPERSON. I will come across an opportunity because it's inherent in us salespeople to do so. I WILL NOT BEAT MYSELF - I WILL BACK MYSELF.


If you are a real estate agent who is newer to the industry or an agent breaking into a new marketplace or if you are an agent struggling to make your targets consistently, and if up until this point you have not been showing up in your marketplace EACH & EVERY DAY, then implement this process from tomorrow for 30 days straight. I promise you that you will not only see an uptake in your business in your marketplace, you will also have a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your energy and attitude towards that marketplace!

G x