Step 3. Use this powerful sales tactic!

listing presentation prospecting Sep 07, 2021

Watch all 5 Steps here: 5-Steps to Improve your Listing Presentation 👉🏼

Now let’s move on to the third way to improve your listing presentation. This is to combine the power of a correctly and thoroughly carried out CMA and the use of a digital listing presentation tool by sending your potential seller a ‘Market Update’ 24 hours prior to your face-to-face listing presentation.

There are a couple of powerful reasons why I carry out this sales activity in my own business.

First and foremost, it is to undermine the competition's chances of winning the listing against me.

As we just covered, a digital listing presentation allows you to embed video. The feature signaled an opportunity to me, which is why I created the three 1.30-minute videos, introducing myself, explaining the importance of comparable market evidence, and the 3rd video, explaining the benefits + uses of property marketing.

Consider this common scenario; generally, when a potential seller calls a local real estate agent to give them a market guide price on the value of their property, they call more than one agent, usually, it's up to 3 agents. With my digital listing presentation platform and its features which we have covered so far in this post, it provides me the opportunity to connect with the potential seller, and to provide real and relevant marketplace evidence easily; before I have even crossed the door of the potential seller’s property, and possibly, whilst the competing agent is having his client face-to-face sit down at the potential seller’s property before me!

The second reason I recommend sending a digital market update ahead of your face-to-face listing presentation meeting is, it will allow you the opportunity, to inform and educate the potential seller, on the comparable market evidence with the use of the clickable links to sold and competing properties online marketing.

This exercise can often help the potential seller have a better understanding of where their property could be sitting price-wise within the local marketplace.

Therefore, when you engage in a face-to-face meeting with your potential seller, the conversation will be more focused on the nitty-gritty of how the potential sellers feel their property will perform in the local marketplace.

As effective salespeople we know, it’s at the nitty-gritty and objection stage of a sales conversation, which comes after the education stage of the sales conversation - that deals are struck and dotted lines are signed!