How to get real estate listings in the next 30 days

prospecting Jul 03, 2022

How to get real estate listings in the next 30 days

In today’s post we are going to break out the best prospecting plan to successfully sign-up new property listings within the next 30 days

The prospecting activities I will detail in today’s post are the prospecting activities I engage in my own real estate business to consistently list and sell 50 properties each and every year over the last decade.

These prospecting tactics worked for me when I first started my real estate sales career as a newly landed immigrant, right up to today where I now own and run a successful real estate business.

Today’s master class will detail the exact 10 different types of prospecting activities I found to bring the most consistent listing opportunities. I will show you how to implement these activities into your own business to guarantee you new listing sign ups and successfully sold properties. I will show you how to choose which listing activities suit your personality best and how to double down on that prospecting activity to bring you real results faster.

I’ll guide you on where to access and download the prospecting plan I use on the daily in my own real estate business and how to implement that plan into your own day to day activities

Follow my plan and you will list properties that will sell successfully, and you will get paid for all your hard work and diligence.

Follow the prospecting plan laid out in here and within 12-months you will have positioned yourself so effectively within your local marketplace, that the local property vendors will actively and consistently call you with listing opportunities

Here is a simple and powerful truth to start today’s post off with

When the property vendors, the potential sellers, in your marketplace, SEE YOU consistently listing and selling property in their local marketplace - They will call you with listing opportunities.

Until the local property vendors, potential sellers, in your local marketplace SEE YOU actively carrying out the business of real estate within their local marketplace, they will have no awareness of you as a local real estate agent - and they will simply not know to call you.

They will call the local agents who they are aware of. It’s not that they prefer the other real estate agents, their awareness of you and your real estate business has not come to the fore for them yet.

The greatest hack of all time, when it comes to building a financially abundant, fulfilling, and successful career in real estate sales is when the local potential sellers, property vendors, in the local marketplace see you actively listing and actively selling property in their local marketplace, they will call you with listing opportunities.

The hack here is, a willing commitment to prospecting in the right marketplace for a 12-month period, will position you and your real estate business, so the local potential sellers, property vendors, do become aware of your activity of listing and selling property in the local marketplace and they will actively and consistently begin calling you with more and more listing opportunities.

When this happens in your career, you will find you will need to do less and less active prospecting as your efforts in listing and selling property in the local marketplace will start to generate enough leads and business for you, to allow you to continue to grow your career, your financial abundance and real estate sales success.

This all might seem glaringly obvious but if it is so obvious, why do so many real estate agents never make it across this first hurdle of entry into success in the game of real estate sales – the hurdle of prospecting…

It breaks my heart when I see it because it’s such a fixable problem.

The reason why most real estate agents cannot get past this first hurdle to create a solid foundation to build a strong and successful career in real estate sales, is because they attack their prospecting activities in spits and spats, and they never quite break through into their intended marketplace to the point where the local potential sellers in the marketplace become aware enough of them to begin calling them with listing opportunities.

The reason for the spit and spats attitude towards their real estate prospecting activity is simply because prospecting can sometimes - not all the time  and we’re going to cover that in today’s post – be hard to do. When the agent may be putting themselves through some tough runs on their prospecting activities and they are just not seeing the results, they can start to lose confidence in their processes and lose hope that they are going to win new listings and they just give up

The only way through to a successful real estate career is through prospecting, and when you do it right, it’ll only ever take you a maximum of 12 months to break a market.

In today’s post, we are going to dive deep into how to have prospecting hurt a little less and work a lot better in order to get your real estate career to shift gears and reach the point where the local property vendors begin and continue to call you directly with listing opportunities.

Remember, business brings business! The more people see you doing business, the more people want to do business with you.

Before we move on to the 10 proven prospecting activities to get new listings signed up in the next 30 days. I want to direct you to 2 videos which will help you gain a more in dept understanding of what we have covered so far. These 2 videos will help you confirm that you have positioned your real estate sales business for success correctly.

These 2 videos are as follows:

Video 1. How to know if you’re in the right marketplace to build a financially abundant, fulfilling and successful career in real estate sales. It’s very important to note, the best prospecting activities in the wrong marketplace will never bring you the results you intend and require. It’s very important to be strategic in your choice of marketplace. This video will show you how to get this right in your business. You can watch it here:

Video 2: The greatest Hack of all time to building a financially abundant, fulfilling, and successful career in real estate and how to implement it in your business. You can watch it here: 

Ok let’s move on to the 10 Proven Prospecting Activities that will guarantee signed up property listings in the next 30 days

I am going to give you 10 proven prospecting activities that are guaranteed to work and will win you new listings signed up on your books.

I have used all 10 prospecting activities to grow my own real estate business and real estate sales success over the last decade. As you know I sell, and I am an expert on, how to sell 50 properties in a 12-month period. In this post I will break out exactly what works, and I will teach you how to find the perfect formula for your prospecting activities, I will also show you how to implement the performing prospecting activity into your own real estate business and marketplace.

Before we dive deep into this list of proven prospecting activities, there is one important call out I would like to make, and that is this, to perform at your best at prospecting, double down on the prospecting activity that best suits your personality

Now, I am not talking about enabling personality hang ups, for example, oh I just don’t like cold calling, yet you’ve never picked up the phone to actually give it a shot.

My advice here, is even if it terrifies the bejesus out of you, give it a try first, you’ll either be elated that you did as you’ll have found you’re a natural or it’ll confirm that in a month of Sundays you’ll never like that prospecting tactic. The reason I am advising this, is prospecting is hard enough to do, without also having to battle your own inner demons. Focus on the prospecting activities that work for you and then master them, so they consistently return you business, and you get paid my friend for your work, effort and diligence in your intention to grow a fulfilling, financially abundant and successful career in real estate sales

Ok let’s get into it! We’ll first tackle the activity many feel most intimidated by then we’ll continue to more agreeable prospecting activities …

  1. So first up on the list is Cold Calling

Breathe through it, don’t be scared or frustrated.

To be honest, cold calling, when done right, is literally unbeatable as a prospecting activity. It is the surest and fastest way to win real estate listings. It will fast track your real estate sales success and career; I would easily say 4 times faster than any other prospecting activity you can do.

Simply because it is so direct, and when done right, so powerful in converting potential sellers in your marketplace into signed up listings.

However, I’m sure you’ll notice, that I am saying when done right, that’s because when its done wrong, it’s in fact a waste of time and soul destroying for the real estate agent. That is why so many people are afraid of this prospecting activity.

Let’s look at how to do it right for real estate prospecting…

As it turns out, I am actually a bit of an expert in cold calling, in fact I started my sales career and went on to spend 12 years in a role that’s main activity was cold calling. I sold advertising space in free local newspapers. My daily target for years was to make 100 calls per day, no easy feat my friends. My point here is not to brag, I have all the awards my sales ego needs, its to reassure you, when it comes to cold calling, I know how to make it work and produce exceptional results.

Some important need to knows in order to get cold calling to work for you are as follows

  • Nobody likes cold calling. Even experts in it. Getting over those first few calls is always rough, however, people who excel in cold calling know if you can push through the first couple of calls it becomes easier and easier and the results are almost guaranteed
  • In terms of cold calling a real estate prospect, not one person ever, on a cold calling list, will ever respond to your call with, oh hi, I’m glad you called, I want to sell my house, just pop over with the listing agreement. The reason you’re cold calling is to unearth the potential of listings in your marketplace. People, think about selling their property for a long time before they actually sell it (unless life intervenes) with that being said, it’s extremely likely you will cold call property vendors who already have the idea of selling their property on their mental radar. By you as the local real estate agent engaging in the activity of cold calling your local marketplace, you’re bringing awareness of your services and business to those property vendors, and when the time is right, if you have done the job correctly you will facilitate them in bringing their property to the market for sale through you as their listing agent
  • Be intentional in your cold calling activities and target specific groups. It’s important to leverage relevant sales scripts and offerings for each individual grouping. The best target groups to cold call in the local property marketplace are, in this order,
    • Local Homeowners on the streets surrounding a listing you or your company/brokerage/office currently have for sale
    • Small to medium sized property developers
    • Landlords (and absentee owners)
    • FSBO listings
    • Expired Listings 

Remember, engaging in the prospecting activity of cold calling will 4 times X your success as a local real estate agent in your marketplace, to learn more on exactly how to cold call each of the groups I have just listed and to download the scripts and offerings that best suit this groups – please go to and take the ‘How to cold call video lesson linked to today’s post.

  1. Leverage impressive Listing Presentations as a prospecting tool

Impressive listing presentations are powerful convertors of business!

I have a 4 part video series on how to create listing presentations that convert into more listing sign ups and successfully sold properties – Click the banner below this paragraph to receive that series as a FREE bonus for you to watch and download my own pre-listing and listing presentation for your use in your own business.

Many real estate agents miss the fact that listing presentations are in fact powerful prospecting tools.

In the 4 part video series I have just mentioned and linked in the banner above as a FREE bonus, part 1 covers a digital document I employ in my own business, called the pre-listing presentation. The pre-listing presentation, when done correctly, position’s the real estate agent as a local property market expert and helps the real estate agent communicate with the professionalism and authority of a top listing and top selling agent.

With all my prospecting activities, whether the action is, I am cold calling the potential seller, or the potential seller is calling me due to a prospecting activity I have engaged such as letterbox dropping marketing material, I will ensure I do not complete the call without receiving the potential sellers email address. Then within the following 24 hours they will receive a detailed pre-listing presentation from me, whether the potential seller has indicated that they want to go to market or not. In the case of prospecting activities, this pre-listing presentation is simply renamed as a ‘Property Market Update’ yet indeed it is the same document as a pre-listing presentation.

The pre-listing presentation or in the case of prospecting activities, the market update, is in fact the most effective sales tool a real estate agent can employ to ensure success in effectively listing and selling property.

The purpose of the ‘market update’ is to position the real estate agent as the local property market expert and to educate, inform and position the property vendor for a successful listing sign up and sale process of their property, prior to any face-to-face meeting.

The pre-listing presentation, otherwise, known as a property market update for prospecting activities, includes the following digital pages:

  1. Opening cover - which displays a testimonial or review of you as the sales agent or if you’re newer to the industry and have not yet collected reviews use a review from your overall agency, office, team or brokerage which you work under.
  2. Opening letter which first acknowledges the property vendors need, this is the need that is motivating them to consider selling their property, the letter will next give the property vendor a factual overview of the marketplace sales activity, followed by a detail of what the property vendor can expect to find included in the pre-listing/ market update presentation
  3. An explanation of what a CMA is, along with CMA evidence
  4. A detail of why property marketing is so important in achieving the best property sold price and an example of property marketing activities which have performed well in the local marketplace.

This all may sound like a lot of work, but in fact these updates take me no more than 15 minutes to get out, simply because I only require to populate a pre-prepared template I have on file.

The purpose of the ‘property market update’ is to position you as the local property market expert, and to educate, inform and position the property vendor for a successful listing sign up and sale process of their property, prior to the face-to-face meeting.

Sending the digital property market update to the local property vendors allows the real estate agent opportunity to follow up with the property vendor following receipt of the document, to request a face-to-face meeting with that property vendor to further discuss their property and their intention for the property moving forward. As the digital market update is such an impressive document it lays the groundwork for that property vendor to being more open to agree to such a meeting request.

To learn more about the power and performance of pre-listing presentations also known as a property market update when used as part of a prospecting activity, and to get a copy of my template for use in your own business: Go here 👇🏼

  1. Target Small to medium sized property developers to win consistent listings and repeat business year in year out!

I am going to say this in the simplest of languages to make sure my point really hits home.

Small to medium sized property developers, are ALWAYS developing property and small to medium sized property developers ALWAYS NEED to sell, not would like to sell, not are considering to sell, NEED to sell their developments, to first get the money out they invested into their development project, secondly to make a profit, third to release funding so they can get on with their next project.

I, in fact built my entire real estate business and success around targeting and prospecting the developers of small to medium sized property developments in my own marketplace.

In my, around 15 years’ experience, dealing with the development industry both nationally and internationally I have found the most profitable group of developers for local real estate agents to prospect to secure listings and consistent repeat business year in year out is by actively and consistently prospecting to the local small to medium sized property developers in the marketplace

I have linked a video lesson to today’s post which details exactly how I prospect and sign-up consistent listing business from the local property developers in my own marketplace.  To learn more on how to source the local small to medium sized property developers in your own marketplace and my exact process in obtaining consistent listings and repeat business, from the small to medium sized property developers in my marketplace make sure to take that video lesson. In that lesson I also explain why you should never waste your time with National, International or Mom + Pop property developers.

  1. Target the Landlords who own property in your local marketplace [ and absentee owners]

Here is the thing about prospecting to Landlords - they want to hear from you. Landlords are in the game of property, and they are interested in the local real estate agent’s perception of the marketplace and its activities.

Landlords, like the property developer prospect type, are a group of prospects, in our local marketplaces, that are in the business of property.

Landlords use or see property as a vehicle to improve their wealth.

It could be said that landlords enjoy the game of property.

Landlords engage regularly with the local real estate agents. They often have a network of real estate agents who they speak with to gauge the activity in the local property marketplace, getting information from the ground so to speak, what’s selling, who’s buying, what rents are being achieved.

Landlords can be less emotional about the buying and selling of property than the property homeowners, FSBO type of prospect and the expired listing prospect type, simply, because they see property as business, as a way to improve their overall wealth as an individual.

Unlike a property homeowner, they have not attached their heart to the property… they are attaching their bank balance to it!

As a local real estate agent, when considering the importance of this group in your prospecting activities, an important recognition is, in most cases, landlords, have more than one property, their goal in general is to build up a property portfolio. Landlords are always in the game of buying and selling property to improve the calibre of their property portfolio and over all wealth. For this reason, I personally prioritize prospecting to this group of property vendors over and above FSBO and Expired listing clients.

In most cases landlords are open and welcoming of communication from the local real estate agents.

Landlords will watch the property market for the right time to sell a property from their portfolio, in many cases to release funds in order to improve their bank balance or to purchase another property which they feel will sharpen the performance of their portfolio

Local real estate agents should always be engaging with and prospecting landlords, they are a ripe source of listing opportunities for the agent.

To see how I source and target the local landlords in my marketplace go to the video lesson linked to this post.  Along with that video you will find access to the sales scripts I engage when I am prospecting listing opportunities from my own marketplace of local landlords.

  1. Why you should target FSBO listings?

The reason FSBO listings are such a rich source of leads for real estate agents to mine and prospect to, is simply because the willingness of the property owner to sell their property has already been proclaimed, by their action of actively listing their property for sale on the market.

When I first started out in my sales career way back in 1996, one of the first rules of sales I learned and still embrace today is always make sure you are speaking to the M.A.N 

M.A.N is an acronym to understand that in order to successfully sell something you must be speaking with a person who has the ‘money’ ‘authority’ and ‘need’ to make a buying decision.

The ‘FSBO Listing Opportunities’ type of lead is the perfect real estate embodiment of the M.A.N acronym.

The way to win at prospecting to FSBO type of property vendor is to understand that there are 2 core reasons why a property seller undertakes the responsibility of selling their property through the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) process.

These 2 core reasons are either, some sort of money constraint, or the seller will have had, what they perceive to be, a bad or difficult experience with a real estate agent in the past.

The key to winning new listing sign ups of properties that successfully sell, from the FSBO marketplace, is to really understand the emotion that is fuelling the property seller to commit to the ‘for sale by owner’ option as opposed to engaging a real estate agent to sell their property on their behalf.

The prelisting presentation also known as a ‘property market update’ which we covered in no.2 of this list of 10 prospecting activities to win new listing sign ups in the next 30 days, is one of the most effective tools to get a FSBO property vendor across the line into to a sign-up  . To see the steps I take and to get your copy of the scripts I use to secure FSBO listings, go to the video lesson included in the course offer below 👇🏼

  1. How to turn Expired Listings into GOLD and expired listing vendors into evangelists for your real estate business.

Expired Listings offer an ocean of opportunity swelling with fat commissions just waiting to be fished and caught!

The reason expired listings are such a rich source of leads for real estate agents to mine and build a database from, is simply because the willingness of the property owner to sell their property has already been proclaimed, by their previous action in actively listing their property for sale with the previous agent.

The money to invest in listing and successfully selling the property is already implied, by the fact the property owner is an expired listing vendor, this is evidence that they were willing to invest the marketing funds required to sell their property and had already gotten over the objection to paying real estate agency commissions as a necessary part of the transaction of a successful sale.

Obviously, we know there was something wrong with the previous listing efforts otherwise the property would have achieved a successful sale. More often than not, it will be one of two reasons that caused the previous listing to be unsuccessful, either the previous agent did not correctly identify the property vendors true need in the selling transaction, or the actual selling price marketing was the issue.

However, keeping focus on the gold that lays in expired listings, it is important to understand that as the second real estate agent taking on this listing opportunity, we are in a stronger position to win the listing, as a lot of the foundational guesswork has already been done for us, and the sales content or information which has already been marketed to the buying market is exactly what we will leverage off, to not only win the listing, but also to successfully sell the property.

I have a detailed step by step plan to leverage the expired listing gold mine and how to convert those gold listing opportunities into successfully sign up listings and successfully sold properties which will be linked in the banner below for you

And important realization to have with regards this prospect type, is when handled correctly by the new real estate agent, they can in fact become prominent evangelists for your real estate business. I cover how to bring expired listing property vendors to this point more in that video lesson linked to this post. Click the banner below to learn more 👇🏼

  1. Door knocking – it might seem nerve wrecking, however, it’s the fastest way to get listings signed up on your books!

There is no sugar coating it, door knocking can be perceived as one of the more confronting prospecting tactics for the local real estate agent to engage. However, to neutralize the drama surrounding this confronting energy, there is a reason why door knocking Is always suggested as a prospecting tactic for real estate agents looking to grow their real estate sales career, and that is simply  - it works  - not occasionally  - it always works, and It works quicker than any other prospecting tactic for the local real estate agent.

In fact, I even got my very first listing on week 2 of my real estate sales career by door knocking the property vendors door.

There is a tactical approach you can take to make door knocking seem like a logical step in a prospecting plan, I cover it in detail in the video lesson in the course linked to the banner below, however I will run through a quick overview of it now.

Simply break your marketplace up into sets of 100-properties, for 2 consecutive weeks prior to knocking the door in those 100 houses. Hand deliver a letter, advising you are the local real estate agent for the area and you will be carrying out ‘free market updates’ on the properties, on the property vendors street, and that you will knock the door over the coming weeks to confirm if the property vendor would like to be booked in for their free market update.

Once you have completed week 2’s delivery, then spend the rest of that week working through door-knocking those 100 properties, your sales script will be simple, ‘hey there property vendor, I am sure you have received my letter over the last number of weeks, I am booking in the property market updates on the properties on this street for early next week, what day would suit you best?

Viola works like a dream!

I also engage what I call intentional door knocking, this is where I take one of the segmented groups, small-to-medium sized property developers, landlords, FSBO or expired listings and I target them in groups of 20, as there is a bit of driving in between. Again, this targeted approach pays dividends in successfully booked listing presentation appointments and signed-up listings on my books

I have letter templates and script templates attached to the door-knocking video lesson in the course linked to the banner below, make sure you download them and use them in your prospecting activities. Door knocking is the fastest way to ensure listing sign ups in the next 30 days!

  1. Flyer dropping

One of the surest tried and tested methods of introducing any new business or local service to a marketplace is to letterbox drop marketing material to that marketplace.

In the simplest terms, Letterbox Dropping is the activity of dropping a Real Estate Flyer (also known as a pamphlet, brochure, leaflet, or flier) into the letterboxes/post boxes of the homes in your local marketplace.

Many, many, many real estate agents, and local businesses waste a lot of money and time by going about this task in completely the wrong manner.

They spend a small fortune on designers and printers without really thinking out the message they are intending on delivering to the marketplace. Next, they have one, two maybe three real estate flyer drops carried out, to too large a marketplace. They expect the phone to ring off the hook – no one calls – they give up!

There is a proven strategic approach to getting flyers to work as a prospecting tool that will week in week out bring you listing opportunities which you can then convert into listing sign ups and successfully sold properties

Step 1: Get the Message right!

When it comes to dealing with real estate salespeople the only thing your marketplace of property vendors wants to know is

  • Can you effectively do the job?
  • Do you offer a safe place to do business? In other words, are you trustworthy?

Anything else you try to communicate to your local marketplace is just white noise! It will dilute the important message and the local marketplace of potential sellers simply just do not care.

If you’re newer to the industry or in the growth stage of your career you might be breaking into a cold sweat thinking ‘oh jeeze how can I confidently portray these 2 messages to my marketplace and how can I even compete with the strong agents in my marketplace that are broadcasting this message by simply transacting in the marketplace?!’

Ok stay calm and stay with me! Its just like learning to drive - we were all once learner drivers – and in no time at all, we all became pro’s whizzing about the place in our first little car…well breaking into or growing your awareness in the local marketplace is exactly the same.

You just got to show up and show up consistently until you become a familiar face and name in your local marketplace! Let’s look at how you do that…

The 4 best flyer types for real estate agents are as follows:

  • A testimonial style flyer.
  • A just sold style flyer.
  • A just listed style flyer.
  • A ‘I won this award’ style flyer.

For newer agents, leverage the testimonials, just sold message, just listed message, I won this award message, from the successes of the overall agency or brokerage you work under, making sure to update the flyers with your own success as you grow in the marketplace.

Step 2: consistency is the secret sauce.

The secret of getting flyers to bring you business is to target the same properties week in and week out until you break that section of the market. So instead of delivering 4000 flyers in 1 week to your entire marketplace - take 1000 houses and deliver those 1000 houses every 4 weeks.

In the video lesson Get Seller Leads with this Real Estate Flyer Strategy you can watch it here:, I break out in detail the exact strategy I use in my own business plus I give you flyer templates to implement in your own business. Make sure to start leveraging this effective tactic in your business to ensure consistent new listing opportunities from your local marketplace 

  1. Letters – use direct mail to target prospect groups effectively. Direct mail gives you a guaranteed opportunity to make an impact

The reason directly posting letters to your target market works, is because obviously people open paid mail that is addressed to them. They will then read it to understand the message before they decide what their next action is with the piece of paper they are holding in their hand.

As there is the cost of the stamp involved in this prospecting activity, I never suggest regular direct mail runs to the entire marketplace, however, a targeted approach will prove extremely effective.

So effective in fact, this prospecting tactic has probably been the longest I have applied in my own real estate business.

The prospect group which the local real estate agent will get the best reach and response from with this prospecting tactic, is from the landlords and absentee property owners in their local marketplace.

A monthly direct mail attack to 1000 – 2000 landlords and absentee owners in your marketplace will result in consistent listing opportunities. You can literally position yourself as the eyes and ears on the ground for these landlords and absentee owners. This prospect type will then lean into your guidance with trust as the best time to sell their investment property. Remember the comments I made earlier when we discussed landlords, in most cases landlords own multiple properties and therefore offer multiple opportunities to sell their current properties and sell to them your current stock.

Direct mail is very effective in reaching this prospect group from the local marketplace.

In the course linked to the banner below 👇🏼you will find the direct mail letter templates which I have had consistent success with in my own real estate business

  1. Leverage social proof to ensure your Facebook Marketing efforts successfully result in listing opportunities that lead to signed -up listings and successfully sold properties.

The 3 best uses of Facebook for today’s Real Estate Agent are as follows

  1. To build marketplace awareness of you as the local Real Estate Agent. This is done using social proof content style posting and directly targeting those posts, to a created audience of people, who live in your marketplace and its surrounding areas.
  2. To advertise listings for sale directly targeting your Facebook posts to a created audience of people who live in your marketplace and its surrounding areas.
  3. To reach buyers for your listings who ordinarily would not be seeking a property purchase in your marketplace, however, being made aware of the value offered could entice the grouping into the marketplace.

From a prospecting perspective, the most powerful approach local real estate agents can take is to leverage the energies of social proof through their Facebook posting and advertising.

In the case of using a Facebook business page, social proof can be defined as a testimonial of the good service provided to previous customers, who leave a positive review on your page or refer it to others.

As real estate agents, we can leverage off the energy of social proof by showcasing on our Facebook business page, our listings, our successful sales, our sales activity in the marketplace and our client testimonials.

Social proof can also be the promotion of a 2-minute property sales video. The 2-minute-property sales video is the piece of Facebook marketing content I found to earn the most consistent listing opportunities through Facebook marketing to my local marketplace.

A 2-minute-property-sales-video is a video of a real estate agent professionally and expertly selling a listing the real estate agent has for sale.

In the course linked to the banner below 👇🏼you will find 2 further video lessons, those being, the 3 best uses of Facebook for the local real estate agent, and second being, the power of the 2-minute-property-sales video;  these video lessons will help you gain further clarity on how to implement these powerful prospecting tactics into your business to consistently earn new listing opportunities from your marketplace.

Ok team! WOW!

We have just covered a lot of ground team, some of what we covered will be very motivating, some intimidating, some you’ve heard before, the question is where do you go from here?

Before we discuss the most effective action steps you can take to ensure you successfully sign-up new property listings in the next 30-days, lets first understand the difference between action and passive orientated prospecting activities and how best to have them work in tandem

Action orientated prospecting involves the real estate agent making efforts to speak directly to the prospect, in order to sell or bring awareness of their services directly to the prospect – examples of action orientated prospecting are Cold Calling, Door knocking and Targeted Direct Mailing

Passive orientated prospecting activities are Flyer dropping and Facebook Marketing.

At the beginning of today’s masterclass, I advised that to perform at your best at prospecting, double down on the prospecting activity that best suits your personality, to expand on this point a little further, to have your prospecting activities work best for you, over each 30 day period, have a minimum of 1 passive prospecting activity running in the background and be actively engaged in one action orientated prospecting activity. For example, you could have 4 weeks of flyers being delivered to 1000 properties in combination with cold calling or door knocking to the same 1000 properties over that 30-day period.

Another example could be running a Facebook marketing campaign promoting a 2-minute-property-sales video whilst direct messaging anyone who comments on or likes the video

Another combination of prospecting activities could be requesting email contact details from each prospect in your cold calling sessions and following up by providing each prospect a detailed market update with reference to their property via email.

Combining action and passive prospecting activities provide the greatest results for the local real estate agent.

The golden rule to ensure success is not to attack your prospecting activities in spits and spats this will not only provide weak results, it will be expensive and soul destroying, the golden rule is to accept it will take 12 months to break a market, and that you need to actively engage in 30-day attacks of prospecting activities.

The short term results are you will earn listings and successfully sold properties, the prevailing result will be that the local property owners will see you actively listing and actively selling property in the local marketplace, when the local property vendors see you consistently successfully listing and successfully selling property in their local marketplace  - THEY WILL CALL YOU!! And thus the cycle of being known locally as the local go-to real estate agent begins.

Remember it all starts with one healthy year of consistent and committed prospecting activities!

To get a copy of the prospecting plan I use in my own real estate business to actively and consistently sell 50 properties each and every year - click the banner below 👇🏼

Ok team - Access to all the mentioned video lessons and prospecting tools and templates form part of the course linked to the banner below - I hope to see you over in the individual prospecting video lessons

Reach out to me here or on email to [email protected] if you have any questions