Step 5. Back yourself with client testimonials

listing presentation prospecting Sep 07, 2021

Watch all 5 Steps here: 5-Steps to Improve your Listing Presentation 👉🏼

No. 5 in today’s blog post on improving your Listing Presentation is to reinforce all communication with your potential sellers, prior, at, and, after your listing presentation appointment, with client testimonials.    

In my opinion one of the most powerful ways to get the message across to your potential seller is that not only are you good at what you do, you also offer a trusted and safe place to do business, is through the use of testimonials.

In the simplest terms what a testimonial confirms to your potential seller is

  • You are good at your job.
  • You offer a safe place to do business (because other people have used you as their agent and they have had a successful sale through your service to them as their real estate agent)
  • Another potential client felt so strongly about how you performed in your role as their real estate agent, that they were willing to write a testimonial to your service and put their name to it.

In fact, if you look up the dictionary to gain an understanding of the word testimonial it reads:



a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications.

Ok team to wrap it up and clarify today's post;

The 5 ways to improve your listing presentation so they result in more property listing sign-ups and successful sales are:

  • Improve + perfect your CMA.
  • Introduce digital listing presentations into your workflow.
  • Learn the sales power of using and integrating video into your sales toolkit and processes.
  • Follow the proven flow and format of winning listing presentations.
  • Back yourself with the use of client testimonials.