The POWER and Importance of Testimonials E-Book. A How-To-Guide for Real Estate Agent

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✔ The emotional POWER of a testimonial
✔ The absolute EARNING POTENTIAL of a testimonial
✔ How to request testimonials from your clients, in a way that will always result in a winning and compelling testimonial
✔ How to use your testimonials to win MORE listings, sell your properties FASTER and Increase your profile as a LEADING LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT
✔ How to massively improve your marketing messages with the use of your testimonials
✔ How to use your testimonials to neutralize objections to commission fees
✔ How to set up your testimonial request and marketing on a RINSE & REPEAT automatic process



If you Google 'Why people don't like salespeople', in 0.7 of a second, you will get 367,000,000 answers to that question. 

Nobody likes salespeople, and mostly nobody trusts salespeople.

I'm going to talk straight to you now! Consider this an intervention!
I want you to drop all the bravado - when it's all stripped down – YOU ARE A SALESPERSON.
Feel into that – how does it feel?
Don't fool yourself with elusive or vague words such as - sales/property partner – sales/property consultant - business development manager - sales/property associate.

No! feel into those dirty words - admit it to yourself YOU ARE A SALESPERSON.

Let me set you even further straight.

To be an expert salesperson, to have mastered the art of salesmanship is something to be massively proud of!

Such a high-level salesperson is to be a master of understanding of the dynamic of the emotions of the everyday human, to have an inherent six sense of the underlying and true factor that will motivate a buyer to commit or walk away.

This inner knowing comes to you through specific channels.

 You're a natural; it's inherent in you; you've always had it.
 Its gained through years of experience, of winning and losing, and of learning to see the shows and tells in your client
 It is learned - as in you learn it through books and education, the understanding of human emotions and their triggers.

For most of us – it's a combination of all 3

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, which questioned 1,000 uber-successful salespeople, the below traits were dominant in their personalities.

 Achievement Orientation

Consider those traits for a minute - are they not beautiful personality traits to possess?
Ok, with that all been said, even in today's world, where constant information is available, where it is easy for any person to inform themselves on literally anything entirely; then why is it that people do not like salespeople? 

Why do people not trust salespeople?


Buying decisions, whether that is buying / engaging, you as the real estate sales agent, or whether purchasing a property; creates stress and fear; because the fear of making a wrong decision looms large.

It's essential to understand the first emotion a person feels when actively engaging with a salesperson is fear.

Despite millions of years of evolution and the development of abstract thought and critical thinking, humans still rely heavily on emotions when making decisions.

That's right, regardless of all the data analysis and a super pros/cons list, the decision to buy is primarily influenced by one of the more primal brain areas and less about by what makes us so smart.

"The most startling truth is we don't even think our way to logical solutions. We feel our way to reason. Emotions are the substrate, the base layer of neural circuitry underpinning even rational deliberation. Emotions don't hinder decisions. They constitute the foundation on which they're made!" (

The buyer's first emotion is fear. They feel afraid; they feel vulnerable, they feel like they are making a mistake, they feel like they are being tricked, they feel pressured, they feel other people are going to tell them that they have been taken for a ride, they've been made a fool of - they feel like they are going to look stupid in front of their peers.


Feel into that,

Say it out loud to yourself -




In the simplest terms - because other people say you are a safe place - that's it!

Testimonial statistics show that consumers have come to rely on and trust testimonials and reviews more with the expansion of the internet. (

  1. 92% of customers read online reviews before buying (Big Commerce)
  2. 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business (Big Commerce)
  3. 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers (Nielsen)
  4. 88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions. (Vendasta)
  5. 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family (Big Commerce)
  6. 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as to the most reliable type of content. (Demand Gen Report)

How many reviews do you need for a star-rating to be considered accurate? Testimonials statistics can shed some light on these questions.

 73% of consumers read six or fewer reviews before making a decision (Vendasta)
 12% of consumers read more than 10 reviews (Vendasta)


The POWER and Importance of Testimonials E-Book. A How-To-Guide for Real Estate Agents.

No matter which way you look at it, as real estate agents, we have got it tough - we are center stage for people when they are going through an incredibly stressful experience; they say buying and selling houses on the stress barometer is right up there with funerals and getting married.

When people are stressed - they are also afraid.
When you understand you are dealing with fear…
When you understand that you are dealing with people's emotions

Only then do you truly understand the importance of Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews.

When people feel safe and relaxed, they are open to building a trusting relationship with you.

When they trust you, they accept your guidance; you are their safe place in this process.

Understanding the fear associated with making a significant purchase or making a considerable selling decision and then further understanding how powerful testimonials are to neutralizing that fear is crucial in your realization of why you work for Testimonials and the commissions earned are just a bi-product … because, my friend, when you have an army of powerful and compelling testimonials – you will never have to stress about where the next sale is coming from – people will be lining up to do business with you – why? Because you get the job done & you're a safe place … everybody says so!


The POWER and Importance of Testimonials E-Book. A How-To-Guide for Real Estate Agents.





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