5 Steps to Improve your Listing Presentation to Win More Listings

Jun 07, 2023


Step 1: Follow the Comparative Market Analysis of a Top Selling and Top Listing Real Estate Agent.

A correctly and thoroughly carried out comparative market analysis is the backbone of a successfully sold property.

A correctly carried out comparative market analysis will fully inform you of the current marketplace activity, it will inform you on how your potential sellers’ property is likely to perform in that marketplace and at what sales price it is likely to sell.

The CMA will also inform you on what is competing with your potential sellers’ property in the marketplace, and at what sales price a property will not sell in a marketplace.

An unfortunate oversight of many real estate agents is how many property listings a single well-executed comparative market analysis can bring them.

Consider the following…

To become known as an active real estate agent within your marketplace, you must be seen to actively List and Sell property in that marketplace.

The quickest and surest ways to have potential sellers call you and ask you to meet with them to chat about listing their property for sale – is when the potential sellers see you actively list and sell properties in their marketplace. The activity of successfully listing and selling property in your marketplace makes potential sellers attracted to you as the local real estate agent.

 When you correctly and thoroughly carry out a comparative market analysis:

  • You will improve your listing presentation
  • You will improve your listing presentation script and listing presentation dialogue
  • You will perform better at your listing appointment
  • You will be so well informed on the local property marketplace that you will comfortably handle and neutralize listing presentation objections
  • You will learn to list the right properties for your marketplace.
  • You will learn to price your properties correctly, at the right sales price, so they sell effectively.
  • You will be so informed on your local property market that you can explain it to potential sellers in a way that builds their trust, allowing you to guide them to the best listing price for their property

Carrying out the CMA correctly and thoroughly should take you about an hour and there is a simple step-by-step process to follow.

For all of my Get Listings Bootcamp members you will find that full training on how to expertly carry out the CMA in the mini-course ‘The Listing Presentation Expert’. In the comparative market analysis training in that mini-course, I take you through the exact step-by-step process to ensure you build a solid and winning foundation for your listing presentation by carrying out a correct and thorough CMA. For any non-members enjoying this video, I will include a to access a 7-day free trial to The Get Listings Bootcamp

2. Ok, so Step 2 to Improve your Listing Presentation to Win More Listings is to Go Digital

We are in a modern and digital world. We now expect our information to be real, relevant, and easy to access.

Gone are the days of rummaging through pages and pages of paper trying to understand the message or story that is being portrayed.

People want to hop online, type in their questions to a search engine and have the answer they require in milli-seconds.

For your listing presentation to be effective in today’s world, it needs to be well presented, well-informed, easily understood and … well digital.

There are a considerable number of digital solutions which now offer real estate agents Listing Presentation platforms. In general, these platforms focus their priority on ease of use for both document creator and the recipient of the Listing Presentations.

I personally use a platform called PandaDoc.

The 3 key reasons I moved to a digital listing presentation tool back in 2019 are as follows.

The document allowed me to include clickable links. This meant when sharing the relevant comparative market analysis data with my potential seller, it became easier for me to help them understand where the potential sale price of their property could fall, and how to effectively hit the market to ensure an effective and successful sale through the sharing of easy and clickable links.

Therefore, instead of the potential seller having to rummage through reams of paper of printed competing and comparable property sale brochures– the potential seller could simply click a link that would take them to the full online marketing for those properties.

This also offered me the ease and convenience, when sitting with my potential sellers at the face-to-face listing presentation with the support of a laptop or tablet, to simply click through all the photos and marketing assets of comparable and competing properties; this process is very effective in educating and informing the potential seller on the marketplace and its activity.

Secondly, a digital listing presentation allowed me to embed video presentations.

I am a massive fan of the use of video as a sales tool in today’s marketplace.

In my listing presentation, I have 3 videos included, each video is about 1:30 seconds long. In the first video, I thank the potential seller for the opportunity to give a listing presentation on their property and I introduce myself. In the second video – I explain why looking at comparable market evidence is so important when considering the best marketing price for a property, finally in the 3rd video I explain the importance of property marketing and its expected results.

I also include 2 of my most recent 2-minute-property-sales-videos. A 2-minute-property-sales-videos is a very powerful sales tool. This video is simply a 2-minute video of me selling a particular listing I have on the market. 2-minute-property-sales-videos are organized through most professional property photography companies today.

In these videos, the agent speaks camera facing for 10-20 seconds at the beginning and again for about the same at the end of the video; the rest of the video is a voice-over of the agent speaking 3-5 major sales points about the property and videographer aligning the imagery with the voiceover.

The final 2-minute videos are immensely powerful for selling the property, as well as highlighting to the potential sellers in the marketplace, the real estate agents' excellent sales communication.

I am a big fan of including 1 or 2 of these types of videos from my recent successfully sold properties into my listing presentation for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it demonstrates to my potential seller that I have modern and effective marketing skills.

Secondly. It shows how effective my sales communication is.

Platforms such as PandaDoc make embedding video into the digital presentation super easy!

Again for my Get Listings Bootcamp members, you will find the mini-course ‘Skyrocket your Listing Success using Video’ within the app also for your learning.

The third and I suggest the most powerful reason I made the move to digital listing presentations is this…

The platform I use; PandaDoc; has an inbuilt service in which I receive an email whenever a potential seller opens a digital document, I have sent them.

I want you to pause for a moment and consider how powerful this feature is to your real estate sales success …

Every time a potential seller clicks on your listing presentation you get notified.

What an awesome tell-tale sign to gauge a potential seller’s interest in you as their real estate agent

Or even better, consider this common occurring situation of attending a listing presentation appointment with a potential seller in your marketplace, the meeting comes to an end …and… you walk away…. empty handed.

The potential seller tells you, ‘Oh I’m not ready to list right now, I just wanted to see where the market is at or some other mediocre non-committed excuse.

Can you imagine how powerful it is to your real estate sales success to receive an email 1 month later, 3 months later, or even 12 months later from PandaDoc to notify you Mr Potential Seller has opened your Listing Presentation 3 times that day!

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out how important such a tool is to your success in real estate sales.

Now let’s move on to the third way to improve your listing presentation.

This is to combine the power of a correctly and thoroughly carried out CMA, and the use of a digital listing presentation tool by sending your potential seller a ‘Market Update’ 24 hours prior to your face-to-face listing presentation.

There are a couple of powerful reasons why I carry out this sales activity in my own business.

First and foremost, it is to undermine the competition's chances of winning the listing against me.

As we just covered, a digital listing presentation allows you to embed video. The feature signaled an opportunity to me, which is why I created the three 1.30-minute videos, introducing myself, explaining the importance of comparable market evidence, and the 3rd video, explaining the benefits + uses of property marketing.

Consider this common scenario; generally, when a potential seller calls a local real estate agent to give them a market guide price on the value of their property, they call more than one agent, usually it’s up to 3 agents.

With my digital listing presentation platform and its features which we have covered so far in this training, it provides me the opportunity to connect with the potential seller, and to provide real and relevant marketplace evidence easily; before I have even crossed the door of the potential seller’s property, and possibly, whilst the competing agent is having his client face-to-face sit down at the potential seller’s property before me!

The second reason I recommend sending a digital market update ahead of your face-to-face listing presentation meeting is, it will allow you the opportunity, to inform and educate the potential seller, on the comparable market evidence with the use of the clickable links to sold and competing properties online marketing.

This exercise can often help the potential seller have a better understanding of where their property could be sitting price-wise withing the local marketplace.

Therefore, when you engage in the face-to-face meeting with your potential seller, the conversation will be more focused on the nitty-gritty of how the potential sellers feel their property will perform in the local marketplace.

As effective salespeople we know, it’s at the nitty gritty and objection stage of a sales conversation, which comes after the education stage of the sales conversation - that deals are struck and dotted lines are signed!

Moving on to the fourth way to improve your listing presentation, and that is to follow the flow and format of a winning listing presentation.

Successful Listing presentations follow a flow and format that result in the potential seller signing on the dotted line and listing their property for sale with you.

The reason these flow and format work is that it directly addresses the potential seller’s reason and need for selling the property.

It also educates and informs the potential seller in a way that is easy to understand.

The listing presentation will show how to solve the potential seller’s problem as well as how to achieve a successful property sale; and finally, the content of the listing presentation reassures the potential seller that choosing you as their real estate agent and the fees associated is the right decision for the potential seller.

The benefit of going digital with your listing presentations and market update presentations is it allows you to have a simple template already set up that follows this successful flow and format.

Having this template already set up improves a real estate agent’s effectiveness and efficiency in the marketplace and will really impress a potential seller upon receipt.

In my own real estate business, this template has been transformative in increasing my property listing sign-ups.

Once I have gotten off the phone with a client – it literally takes me 15mins to send them a very impressive market update that mimics the flow and format of a winning listing presentation.

Whether you’re still committed to paper communication or are all fired up to hop on the digital train, I have a downloadable resource for you called the Listing Presentation Checklist which ensures your listing presentations, paper or digital, follow the flow format of that of a Winning Listing Presentation. For all my Get Listings Bootcamp Members, you will find that resource in the App, in the resources section of The Get Listings Master Course

No. 5 in today’s training on improving your Listing Presentation is to reinforce all communication with your potential sellers, prior to, at, and, after your listing presentation appointment, with client testimonials.   

In my opinion one of the most powerful ways to get the message across to your potential seller that not only are you good at what you do, you also offer a trusted and safe place to do business, is through the use of testimonials.

In the simplest terms what a testimonial confirms to your potential seller is

  • You are good at your job.
  • You offer a safe place to do business (because other people have used you as their agent and they have had a successful sale through your service to them as their real estate agent)
  • Another potential client felt so strongly about how you performed in your role as their real estate agent, that they were willing to write a testimonial to your service and put their name to it.

In fact, if you look up the dictionary to gain an understanding of the word testimonial it reads:



a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications.

Again for all my Get Listings Bootcamp members, to improve the receipt of and marketing of testimonials in your own real estate business, head to the app and take the learning and resources shared in the mini-course ‘Testimonial Mastery’; How to Step Up Your Game

 Ok team to wrap it up and clarify today's training;

The 5 ways to improve your listing presentation so they result in more property listing sign-ups and successful sales are:

  • Improve and perfect your CMA.
  • Introduce digital listing presentations into your workflow.
  • Learn the sales power of using and integrating video into your sales toolkit and processes.
  • Follow the proven flow and format of winning listing presentations.
  • Back yourself with the use of client testimonials.