From Lead to Listing: How to Prepare and Convert Seller Opportunities

May 13, 2023

Hello, and welcome to this blog post on how to convert seller leads into signed-up listings, it's common to be so focused on getting seller leads that we can sometimes leave ourselves unprepared when one of those leads converts into a real listing opportunity. So, when a potential seller expresses interest in having you come by to chat about listing their property, it's important to be ready and confident in order to convert that opportunity into a successfully signed-up listing.

There are two action steps you can take prior to the face-to-face listing appointment that will help you feel more assured and confident. The first step is to carry out a detailed comparative market analysis on the property. This will educate and inform you on the property's value and likely performance in the marketplace. It's important to carry out the analysis in a specific way, as as a new agent, you are still learning the factors that can affect a property's performance. However, once you know what to look for, it can help you get a foothold in the industry. Additionally, when you correctly educate yourself on the property and its likely value, you will be better able to communicate that information with confidence at the listing appointment, which will help the property vendor trust your guidance.

The second step is to leverage the power of the pre-listing presentation. This is the most effective sales tool a real estate agent can use to ensure success in listing and selling property. The pre-listing presentation should be sent to the property vendor digitally, 24-48 hours prior to the face-to-face listing appointment. Its purpose is to position the real estate agent as a local property market expert and to educate, inform, and position the property vendor for a successful listing sign-up and sale process. When done correctly, it positions the real estate agent as a local property market expert, and helps the real estate agent communicate with the professionalism and authority of a top listing and top-selling agent.

As well as this pre-listing presentation positioning the real estate agent as a local property market expert, it also forms a kind of agenda for the new real estate agent to follow when attending the face-to-face listing presentation; this will keep the new real estate agent focused on the job at hand and effectively listing the property for sale as opposed to trying to get over the feeling of being a deer caught in the headlights.

Included to this blog post is a FREE 7-Day Trial of the Get Listings Bootcamp, where you will find lessons that focus on how to convert listing opportunities into successfully signed-up properties that sell effectively. That lessons will also direct you as to where to access and download my own pre-listing presentation template for use in your own business. Thanks for reading team!