From Prospecting to Results: A 30-Day Plan to Get Real Estate Listings

May 13, 2023

The key to success is to actively engage in prospecting to the marketplace.

Prospecting is a necessary step for any real estate agent, but I am going to give you the keys to success to ensure you engage in prospecting activities that best suit your personality and that will bring you real tangible results.

First, choose the right marketplace to grow your real estate sales career out of, and make sure it is an active real estate market. Then select 1000 properties from that marketplace which you will actively target with your weekly prospecting, each week, for the next 4 weeks. Consistency and repetition is key for your prospecting efforts to work.

Next, pick one passive prospecting tactic and one action-orientated prospecting tactic and commit to engaging these 2 tactics for the next 30 days targeting the chosen group of 1000 properties. The combination of 2 different types of prospecting tactics, combined with a consistent and targeted approach is intentional and will guarantee you successfully signed up listings in the next 30 days.

Passive prospecting includes such activities as flyer dropping, direct mailing, and a Facebook profile-building marketing campaign. Action-Orientated prospecting includes such activities as cold calling, door-knocking the local homeowners, and targeting and prospecting to certain groups in your local marketplace such as the local property developers.

An example of a proven prospecting plan for a new agent or an agent who is focused on bringing their career back to life, which guarantees new listings signed up in the next 30 days would be: drop 1000 flyers a week to the same 1000 houses for 4 consistent weeks. This can be done through a flyer delivery company or if you’re working to a budget, hand deliver 250 a day for 4 days each week. Delivering 250 flyers on foot will take no more than a morning’s work. This flyer attack combined with the action orientated prospecting tactic of either cold-calling the homeowners in that group of 1000 properties, or door-knocking the properties situated in that group of 1000 properties, or cold-calling a targeted grouping in that group of 1000 properties such as the landlords/ absentee owners or any local developers who have developments underway in that section, will guarantee new listings signed up in the next 30 days.

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Ok, team thank you for reading, and remember, consistency and repetition are key to your success in prospecting and getting new listings as a real estate agent.